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Then it was Xmas day! All the cottages where the 20 of us were staying cooked up a storm:

I brought the Wii and work's projector, converting the dining room in to a Wii room for the evening. Playing some tennis here:

Rock Guitar hero featured heavily!

Along with some Mario Karts:

With Bridge around, there's always time for Blue Steel!

Ohh, our Xmas photo!

Xmas got a double Fonzie thumbs up!

During the evening it was time for Secret Santa:

Very happy to win the WWF belt here:

Bridge got the kick ass prize of a helicopter! Takes a bit of concentration to make it hover...

On Boxing day, we headed off to Lands end, passing through St Just:

Before finally arriving at the Lands End area. You might say that it's a wee bit touristy:

Ohh, another lovely pic! Showing the lighthouse in the background:

We had a little wander along the "DANGEROUS" cliffs:

Now for some cracking good pics on the final page!

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