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On our way to Lands End, we passed a sign to Minark Theatre. Seeing as I was told about it only a week before back in NZ, we had to go! It's built right on the cliff edge, here's what the coast line looks like near where it is:

Unfortunately, it was bl00dy well closed on Boxing day! BOOOO!!!!! We all missed out.

We saw two naughty people slip under the fence though, and scale over to the steps leading around to the theatre:

I hear those people were rewarded with their own private tour of the place! Here are some pics I found that show what they probably saw:

I photo shopped a tiny Bridget in to this pic to show the scale of the theatre:

And I photo shopped a pic of me down on the stage to show the scale of that as well:

The crashing surf below the theatre (I believe):

And back home for some more Rock Guitar Hero that night:

The next day, we took off to the Eden Project. It's basically a massive bubble domed greenhouse:

They had a Xmas market out the front of it:

And here's a few snaps of what it's like inside. There are two areas, one's tropical:


And the other area is Mediterranean:

Looks pretty sweet lit up at night:

Christmas tree out the front of the ice skating area:

Getting the rink ready for us to carve it up!

Go speed racer...

And finally, a nice group photo of us all!

Thanks to everyone for an awesome Christmas!

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