Christmas in Cornwall

(30/04/08) - Three pages

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We stayed in St Ives, which is a picturesque town in South West England (Cornwall). 20 of us spent a week down there over the Xmas period, staying in various cottages. Here's ours:

A few snaps around St Ives. Here's the dead centre of town:

The associated church!

View along the west end of the beach where you can rock on:

Bridget having a rest after the wander along the coast:

Looking East over St Ives from the Tate:

Down on the beach, my Mum commented that it was a wonder the houses don't get washed away in heavy seas!

Up at the cottage on the hill you can see in the pic above:

Walking through town:

The port on the south side of St Ives

We checked out a gallery, I sneakily took a pic of what I thought was the coolest painting there:

On one of the days we were there, we drove to Padstow, a wee harbour town:

It was very touristy, and full of dogs...

The harbour made for a fantastic night time panorama:

And we had a great meal at the Rick Stiens seafood restaurant, mmm, scallops!

Some of the guys and I took off or a game of golf:

for a cheapo 10 a round course, it had a stunning view over St Ives!

There was also a castle there too:

More great pics on the next page!

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