Egypt - Cairo, Aswan, Luxor

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Well, I'm gonna try and break up our Egypt trip into about 4 "digestible" parts, as we saw so much cool stuff that there are about 1,000 pics and vids to choose from!

I went with my flatmates, Grant, Tania, Amelia and Dayle (our adopted flatmate) came as well. Here we are with some old guy (he's after an easy few bucks as a tip for getting in our pic):

Our land tour consisted of 18 people but there were 70 people in total, going on the boat cruise and feluccas.

Our trip even started with a cool view from the plane over the French Alps:

Here's a map of the Egypt portion of our trip:

At Dahab we took off to Jordan for 3 days (more about that in another posting). If you're REALLY interested, click here for our complete itinerary, we went with a company called "Travel Talk" and can recommend them.

We flew in to Cairo, getting to bed at 4am and up again at 8am to check out our first pyramid! This one is called the Sakkarra step pyramid:

We also checked out the remains of the Titi Pyramid nearby...

...which was cool, only because you could go into the tomb (no photos allowed of course):

We checked out another cool temple nearby. Here's a dude standing outside it, his only job in life was to get in the way of pictures and ask for money immediately after you take one:

And no photos allowed to be taken inside of that one either, they were strict about that:

Then to Giza to check out the real deal! Here is the first of the great pyramids, the Pyramid of Khufu:

Walking like Egyptians next to it...

The second great pyramid nearby, the Pyramid of Khafre (taken at the foot of the Khufu pyramid):

Here's everyone in our tour group:

Showing how close the pyramids are to each other, that's Khufu and the pyramid of Menkaure and Queens from left to right:

We just had to ride camels by the pyramids of course!

The camels at the end of our ride by the pyramids of the Queens:

Here's a vid of us camel riding:

on YouTube

or click play below:

The following photo was taken when I was walking past some other camels and one of the guys grabbed me and put me next to it telling Tans to take a photo, then he pushed me back on to the camel while telling it to stand up, so before you know it I'm right up on the thing (very cunning). Once I got down, 4 other Egyptian guys surrounded me with the rider sticking his hand out demanding a tip, so I pulled out 2 Egyptian pounds (about 20p). They said "NO, NO!!! The other ones, 100 pounds!!!" (about 10). I played ignorant tourist after nearly laughing out loud in their faces said, "oh, you don't want the 2 pounds, ok" and put it back in my wallet while I walked away. Surprisingly, they changed their minds and 2 pounds was ok. I used that trick for the rest of my time in Egypt :-)

So that was JUST the first half of our first day!


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