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On the other boat:

The steam engine was run by several rooms like this, heat must have been freaken unreal:

We also went on a Portsmouth harbour cruise to check out the warships that were in dock. Portsmouth is where a load of the UK's naval fleet are built and maintained:

Getting back to the P:

Andrew and I decided to hire a car for the afternoon:

After Kent saw how much fun we were having, he had to do the same:

A proper English seaside ice-cream store:

Andrew and I going for a swim:

Me kicking Kent's butt at a dancing game. Basically, Kent wasn't jumping up and down like an idiot enough:

On the Sunday, we went to the Isle of Wight to check that out! We decided to head on down to the beach:

Gotta love the English "rooms at the beach":

We decided to get stuck in to some sailing!

Bl00dy awesome fun. Here's Andrew trimming the forward flappy bit (I think that's the technical term)

Here's me, altering the main wind catcher bit while wiggling with the stick parts attached to the under water boards (I'm afraid you'll have to look those terms up on Wikipedia if you don't understand those nautical terms):

Watching Kent and Crazy flounder in the water moments after speeding past them and doing donuts in front of their faces:

Andrew and I sailed past Kent and Crazy so fast that it unfortunately tore Kent's shirt off:

A moment of reflection on an awesome morning's sailing:

We then went for a drive around a bit of the Isle of Wight, stopping to check out this castle, which was closed, boo!

Then it was back on the car ferry to Portsmouth before our drive back to London.

Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, pretty cool way to spend a weekend.

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