What this site is all about



(probably the only decent picture of me that will appear on my site)

I have decided to write a web site so I can try and keep track of what my mates and I do. Iwe do something crazy, it'll probably go up here... it's the only way to keep people informed of how stupid we actually are! I donít plan on running out of things to post any time soon.

Iím gonna aim to add a new page to this site once a week (more or less), that means whenever I can be bothered. Dear Diary is updated more frequently with any amusing stuff that happens to me (or stuff that I wanna remember once alcohol takes away my memory). Your Say is where I post any *really* amusing stuff I get sent or feedback about the site.

I welcome feedback about the pages I post and hope you get a laugh out of reading it (that's the main reason it's here).

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