Portsmouth and Isle of Wight

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Crazy, Kent, Andrew and I took off to Portsmouth while the girls went on their Hen's do.

We went on a MISSION to find a country pub to have a full English breakfast in. Unfortunately, in the country, people don't have breakfast, apparently, so after visiting many closed pubs we finally came across a wee country town for a well earned munch:

And then onwards to Portsmouth:

The first thing we did was go up that big ol "P" or whatever it was, which claimed to have the largest glass floor in Europe, which made for a great view:

Gazing across Portsmouth:

Andrew, Kent, Crazy and I, looking as cool as the Fonze:

After going up the "P" we went to visit a couple of old boats, which you can see in the foreground and just above centre in this pic:

Here's the "Victory":


We decided after getting up close and personal to Victory, to check it out properly:

Andrew with his canon:

Andrew making fun of the size of Kent's canon:

The "Victory" itself was awesome to wander around throughout the levels:

Here's the Admiral's cabin:

And here's where the Admiral slept, he was a short bugger, that's for sure:

The infirmary beds:

Believe it or not, this is up on deck:

I'm standing approximately where Admiral Nelson died:

Admiral's dining area:

Kent doing his best Tarzan impression:

Going back down to the bowels of the boat, showing the tons of shingle at the bottom, used to add weight to the bottom of the boat to counter the weight of the cannons on top. Also where all the stores were kept, again for weight (the barrels were filled with seawater when finished to keep the weight):

An experiment, showing what happens when you fire a cannonball at a ships hull:

Andrew fisting a statue:

Andrew, Kent and I at "Action Stations"... take a look in the background for that to make more sense:

Read on for some more cool pics:

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