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If you are new to my web site, there here's a collection of my favourite pages. Remember to check out the videos! They are often the best part of the page from feedback I've received :-)

There are still a lot of goodies buried in amongst the pages over the past few years, but here are the must see ones (best at the top)!

New York With Chris (27/04/05) - For the video. One of my finest (I think).

Bratislava!!! - Heaven on Earth (14/12/05) - A non-video page that people seem to love

Snowboarding in Kitzbuhel, Austria (09/01/06) - My Greatest video to date.

Snowboarding in Three Vallees (08/04/05) - For the snowboarding video at the bottom. One of my finest and the pics on the page are great too.

Snowboarding Val Thorens (03/01/07) - A Snowboarding video with AC/DC in it, what's not to love?!

Man Or Woman (25/03/05) - This page caused Pete to freak out about its posting and Crazy's Dad to write me a concerned email. Legendary. Results are here.

Kiwiana++: Able Tasman National Park (07/04/06) - The trip that is making me wanna return to NZ, I think the pics are great and the video is awesome!

U2, Croke Park, Dublin, 25th June 2005 (30/06/05) - For the U2 video. I like the fact that a great idea came together, but I still think my New York With Chris video is better...

Boat Party and Raving At The Fridge (25/10/06) - I've had some great feedback on the vid.

Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl (06/02/07) - An Incredible day.

Diving in Sipadan (20/04/06) - I'm so stoked at the pics and the video is probably my most professional, but rather long at 19 mins!

James Post-It Notes (05/10/03) - One of my original pages. A page that makes you go hmm, damn!

The Toilet Scam (14/09/05) - Glad to see I've only received good feedback on this page!

Jamaica (21/12/06) - Crazy and I had an awesome time here and the video speaks for iteself.

Barcelona (16/20/06) - What an awesome city, I got some great snaps and very amusing, drunken video...

Crazy John Tribute (10/10/03) - The one, the only, Crazy John.

Crazy's Date (21/06/05) - Has created more feedback than any other page. I'm going to hell for this one.

Ian and Shan's Guy Fawkes Party (16/11/06) 18/11/06 added this - One VERY silly video.

Tony and Crazy's NZ Tour, stage 1, 2 and 3. 1) Has the Karaoke video, 2) Has the fantastic must-see CrazyMorton video and 3) Has crazy drenching tourists and wiping out on a wakeboard.

Hot Sauce in Prague (20/04/05) - For the pics and video of Chris eating the hot sauce, classic.

Diving in Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh (19/07/05) - The pics are awesome and I love the video. What's not to love about Crazy falling on his ass?!

Shane's Stag Do (23/11/05) - Debauchery at its best.

Snowboarding in Chamonix (09/02/05) - for the Extreme snowboarding video, one of my first real attempts at putting a full on video together.

V Festival (25/08/05) - Three crazy guys, two fantastic chicks, one great vid.

V Festival 2006 - Weston Park, Staffordshire (04/09/06) - Again, what a freaken sweet music festival.

KL and KK video (07/03/06) - My longest video to date, and a great theme for it (walking from one scene to the next) that came together really well.

Cap D' Ail - Everyone elses page (11/09/06) - I loved getting everyone in on the act during the holiday.

Halloween (05/11/04) - Because of the top pic and the videos on it

Rome (14/07/06) - Awesome site seeing holiday. The Trevi Fountain photo is made up of 9 pics stitched together...

Cambridge Graduation Photos (26/05/05) - Because I don't know of anyone else who has a Cambridge Graduation photo, let alone TWO!