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Kavit decided that the tornado had little impact on the quality of his shirt:

Lindsey, gutted that Ian was taking so long signing in to use the loo:

Nick, celebrating after finishing Alcoholics Anonymous the day before:

"ooooos been a good boy den?! Dat's right, CRAZY has!"

Crazy's head, where your fingers can do the walking:

It was so dark, the ladies were unaware they were sitting on Richard, who wasn't overly bothered about it:

The odd Derka started to fly about now:

Everyone agreed on the number of nipples Eileen had:

Shea playing peak-a-boo:

Ian convincingly won the moustache competition:

The conga line was so much fun:

I was disappointed that everyone stepped in front of the camera, right as I was taking a picture of Lurch:

When Ian farts, you bl00dy well know about it:

That collar was still so freaken popped:

Everyone was fascinated watching Mark get his ear pierced:

Shea was the happiest when he learned the roof was on fire:

Some might say that Cynthia, Jen, Bridge and Eileen actually brought down the cool factor of this picture... some say otherwise, but what do they know?!

Nick couldn't believe he wasn't allowed any of the invisible lollipop

James was perplexed as to who stole his lolly:

Crazy's head, so big it has its own gravitational pull:

Dennis wanted to know just how tasty Andrew was, considering he had someone sucking his face all night:

Nick found it amusing when Richard told him that he just peed on the seat behind him:

Eileen was pissed that she was the first one to be dropped from the "Ladies Gone Wild" dance off:

Nick was stunned at how similar to The Fonz I looked after a dozen pints:

I like to call this one, the "Andrew after-shot" and the "James typical-shot":

After Opal shut and we were the last to be kicked out, we headed back to the flat for a quiet:

Caroline and Lindsey, cheekily trying on Bridget's holiday hats:

The ladies loved wearing their fancy sunglasses on their heads:

"NO! You may NOT have your pink duster back!"

Shea, making the fatal mistake of falling asleep:

Fortunately, everyone make sure he had lots to eat and drink and that all the crumbs were sucked up:

London and all the wonderful friends we have in it, you will be sorely missed. See ya in NZ for a beer and a Barbie!

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