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Ev, knows how to "pop a collar" and wasn't afraid to show it:

Dennis, shocking onlookers with how far Nick took "Choptober":

Oral examinations are always compulsory at our parties and performed by the ladies in pairs:

Nobody could even bare to look and Mark and Shan's gloating after they won the three armed race:

Marta couldn't believe it when I told her how cool I am:

The girls were not afraid to pose for the "lovely ladies" award:

My beer was really bitter tasting:

Nick confirming that the wind had indeed changed right after the pic above was taken:

Stupid wind changing, also blew my fart towards Dennis:

No-one seemed to care that Nick fell in to a hole in the dance floor:

Richard: "No Cynthia, your shoes don't smell bad at all, they're like roses":

Everyone sprang in to action when Bridge accidentally dropped her camera...


Andrew was pondering the wisdom of wearing his Velcro top out, yet again:

Ian really regretted asking Nick for a demonstration of what he does at work when people are under anaesthetic:

Caroline and Grazia found out that their makeup was very sticky:

Richard was spoilt for hair sniffing choice, but making the most of the opportunities as they presented themselves:

The ladies were great at rugby scrums:

Ev was amazed at Dennis's stage dive all the way from the mirror-ball, while CeCe pointed out that it was the second time he had tried it:

CeCe and Bridge trying out for Vogue magazine cover:

An appropriate time to use the phrase "who's your Daddy":

Nick, surprised by how many plants were in my ear:

Tony: "I LOVE YOU MAN...."



Nick, disturbingly upset about losing his top button:

But wait, there's still more amusement coming up next!

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