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Here's my new "King of the mountain" pose...

...I was trying to compete with some of the locals for looking hard...

...or stupid (it's all in the eye of the beholder I guess):

The weather cleared up enough to get a few mountain snaps:

Looking down a run towards Fernie township in the valley:

And then it was through Banff National Park:

To get to Lake Louise, where the snow was much better:


We caught up with Mike and his mate James (from left to right, Pete, Ian, Matt, Cat-in-the-hat, Mike and James) which was fantastic, as Mike has worked the season at Lake Louise so he new all the sweet places to go to find powder:

Chilling out after a sweet day of skiing:

A nice photo I took on the way to the pub:

A drunk shot, showing how deep the powder was in places:

Salty, freaken himself out with the fear of avalanches rather than bears this time:

Me nipping around a tree run (I'm, hooked, tree runs kick ass)

And finally Mike at the top of a black diamond (on an easy run, normally he's nailing double black diamonds):

And that was the first week! No cat-skiing unfortunately, but we've got our fingers crossed for heli-skiing later on this week... stay tuned...

Update: Check out "Snowboarding in Canada 2/2" for the next set of pics including a heli-skiing vid!

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