Snowboarding in Canada 2/2

(30/03/07) 3 pages

Check out "Snowboarding in Canada 1/2" first if you haven't already!

Included a heli-skiing video on page 3 that you've gotta check out :-)

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The second half of our trip was even better than the first half! The weekend in the middle covered St. Pats day, so it was off to the Irish pub for a bit of wee fun:

Ian got his face painted by this lovely lady:

While Matt tried to compete with his Grease-movie like hair cut, or was it simply to try and attract Pete?!

The night basically involved many, many Guinness's, dancing, watching some weird old lady hit on a weird old man by stroking his man breast (seriously, check out this video in all its horror!!!) and being entertained by drunk Canadian women:

Then it was off from Lake Louise, leaving Mike there. Mike had been so awesome to us, getting half price lift passes, skipping the ski rental queue (which was over an hour long), getting us free ski rental, taking us to all the kick ass bowels of power on the mountain and generally showing us such a freaken sweet time that I think some of the guys wanted to get a sex change and ovaries transplanted into themselves just so they could have Mikes baby... Anyway...

And off on another road trip to Kicking Horse! We had to take a 4 hour detour as there was a slip which closed the connecting road. We didn't mind at all as we got to check out some sweet scenery:

Stop off at some hot pools:

Before finally arriving at our "shack" which was miles and miles away from the nearest chair lift (as you can plainly see):

Inside was awful, we were all disappointed with having to live in such squalor:

We were however treated with some of the best power days of our trip, I was peeing in my pants with excitement looking at the tree runs from the chair lifts:


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