Snowboarding in Canada 1/2

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Crazy, Matt, Peter, Ian and myself took off to Canada to spend two weeks snowboarding. The first thing we noticed is that Canada is FLAT:

We arrived in Calgary that night and headed straight to the Calgary Saddledome to watch some Ice hockey:

We snuck right down to the front of arena at the beginning of the game, where I noticed that the dude who sung the national anthems got his pic taken with all the hot chicks who come on to the rink between plays to clean the ice:

Of course, I had to have my pic taken too, so I asked the security guy if I could get my pic taken with them too, playing up the idea that I had come over from NZ just to see Calgary play. He went off and asked the chicks and, well, if you don't ask, you don't get:

The next day we took off on a road trip to the mountains stopping off on the way to check stuff out, like "Big Rock" which as you can see, really blew us away with its size:

Until we actually go up to the thing and saw a model doing a photoshoot:

Of couse, we had to get in on the act:

Then it was back on the "road" again:

Stocking up on supplies along the way, such as beef jerky:

Crazy took full advantage (with a load of beer to wash it down with):

We also came across the largest truck in the world (well, it was at the time it was set up there, we were told at a nearby pizza place that there have been larger trucks made recently to help with mining):

We finally made it to our "shack":

Which was surrounded by forest so we got to see lots of wildlife (and constantly freak out Pete that there were bears in the woods just waiting to run out and bite his leg off, even though it's hibernation season):

We had a fire as well, which we took advantage of:

as well as the hot tub:

Finally, some snowboarding:

With a primo backdrop:

and a sweet bunch of black runs to choose from at the top of the mountain:


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