Kiwiana++: Able Tasman National Park

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Our trip to Able Tasman National Park to join Stu and Mel on their honeymoon was simply unreal. You might be thinking "hmm, that's a bit weird, joining a married couple on their honeymoon!" followed by all sorts of deviant thoughts, but their philosophy is "why would we wanna invite our closest friends to our wedding from all over the world only to bugger off and leave them straight after?!" which I have to agree with .

This trip is what is making me want to go back to New Zealand, everything about it including the tip there was fantastic, such as stopping off on the way (more of this in the video):

Stu and Mel booked a sweet batch. Doesn't look like much from the outside:

But inside was sweet as:

It had a fantastic area out the back with a Barbie and perfectly sheltered to sink a few Mac's Gold beers or stare up at the Milky Way during the night which lit itself up like nothing you'll ever get to see around London, broken only by shooting stars and satellites.

We hired sea kayaks for the first couple of days to check out the national park from the sea:

and to check out a few other famous NZ sites like split apple rock:

Of course, I had to do the famous pose:

There was a fair amount of wildlife to check out:

such as seals:

and flying paddles:

Here's Craig and Kim:

little did Kim know, but Craig paddled probably about 10% of the overall time.


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