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We spent a day going for a bush walk and checked out even more spectacular NZ scenery. We started off with the tide right out:

(I think my sister wouldn't mind doing this):

Fisherman Island:

Here is a New Zealand Fern:

You may or may not know, fern's in New Zealand are known as "Silver Ferns", hence the All Blacks wearing a silver fern on their tops, national netball team named after them, etc. What you may not know from looking at them is that ferns in New Zealand are actually silver underneath! The best way of checking them out is by using a flash on a camera.

Here's a snap with out using a flash:

And here's one with:

Makes for some very cool snaps:

Of course, all freaken awesome holidays must come to an end and the 5 days at Able Tasman were no exception. I really felt a lump in my throat after flying out of Nelson, passing over the stunning Marlborough Sounds.

Did you know: The Sounds are so fractured with a myriad of bays and inlets that it encompasses 20% of New Zealand's total coastline of 15,000 km, which is freaken huge compared to the size of NZ:

If you live in NZ and you haven't been to Able Tasman National Park, then I don't care what the hell you're doing right now, stop it and GO!


Now, here's my video! I LOVED putting this one together, a real Kiwi holiday vid and in my personal top 5 list of video's I've made. A must see.

It starts off with travelling through the centre of the South Island (yes I do moon), there is a Lord of the Rings reference and it contains a classic: "mosquito cam"...

low-res (download) or medium-res (via Google, recommended)



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