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Paddling in and around the coastline and islands was awesome, really getting that back to nature feeling.

The sea was also as flat as you could imagine, pretty much the whole time:

The sea kayaks came with water pumps, which Stu found rather handy (not for their intended task of bailing the kayaks though), much to the dismay of an unsuspecting Craig here:

Chilling out on the beaches, drinking beers, swimming, exploring and relaxing was the real highlight of kayaking.

Here's a map of where we went sea kayaking (in yellow) and where we went walking (in red).

Fisherman island:

I think this is Stilwell bay:

Beach cricket (bat-down) was a common affair:

and shoe-tonk (based on Petanque) was a real winner:

Here's the view from the shoe-tonk beach:

Great snap of all of us:


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