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Bridget told me that if you see a statue of a guy on a horse and all it's feet are on the ground, the guy died from natural causes (apparently, with one front foot up they died from wounds in battle and rearing right up means they were hard enough to die in the heat of battle):

Evening started in and began to give us a rather nice sunset:

Statue bro!

Another guy who didn't go out in a blaze of glory:

Parliament AGAIN:

A cool view of a bridge leading over to St Stephens:

Wandering across the bridge:

Looking back towards the castle:

Of course, after a day spent wandering around, it was time to have a few beers! Here's Bridget all on her own:

Here's a pint that I was drinking:

Marta and Craaaazy John:

Andrew, um, showing what years of heavy smoking and drinking can do to a 40 year old:

Bridget, showing us how hard chicks drink:

OOOOOOK, starting to get a wee bit drunk here:

Big grins all round please!

A nasty shot:

Seriously, NASTY shot:

This one was no better, we were ordering off the menu and by now we were wondering if the bar men and women were simply taking the piss, just to see if the dumbass, drunk tourists would drink anything they gave us (of course, we did):

Guess who's being culturally insensitive again (didn't help that a bus load of Muslims just walked in to the pub, KIDDING):

And a lovely snap of Bridget, James, me and Andrew on the dance floor:

We stayed out till 4-5am that night boozing it up. After a very late sleep in, we wandered around to Andrew's rented flat to drop our bags off (Andrew stayed another week to see a dentist and get all his teeth hacked up). Here's the Opera House near the flat:

We just spent Sunday soaking in the Rudas Baths, which was a brilliant way to spend a hangover day. I didn't take any pics of it, but it looked like a really run down building on the outside (don't let that put ya off) and when you get inside, you buy a ticket with a stamped number on it, have to wait around for a while until your number is shown above the bath entry door and then in you go! Weird system but worked really well as it prevented many people being in the baths at the same time, which were excellent by the way! Just for the record, you get your own changing room where you can safely leave your stuff as you take a key with you in to the baths.

Budapest, fantastic place to spend a weekend, really recommend going if ya get the chance!


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