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Hmm, what to write about this picture...

Was a spectacular second day weather wise:

Sunnies came out!

Got some more fantastic pictures on the second day:

Walking up through the trees:

We discovered that lake Windermere is home to NINJAS!!!

And if you drink the water, it has some strange side effects...

Ninjas, they're everywhere:

Finally, a picture without the buggers leaping out:


We came across some fantastic clearings:

Classic stone wall:

Frozen over lake:

Bridge getting friendly with the wildlife:

FINALLY, we found a pub for lunch after a fantastic 3 hour walk!

Then it was back off towards the ferry:

There's something odd about this scene:

Damn, it, the ninjas were back!

Looking  back across the lake to Windermere:

And finally, our last shot on the ferry heading back across, catching the sunset on the mountains:

Windermere, perfect to get away back to nature!

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