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Back at Huka Falls Resort:

Playing some backyard Cricket:

Bowled out by my wife!

Tyla with the bouqet:

Auntie Liz:

Cameraman Shea:

Crazy John nearing the end of his awesome speech:

Which proved to be very amusing in places:


Cuzzy David, Karl and Matt:

Best man Phil's speech:



Instead of doing a speech, MC Craig whipped out his guitar and did an amazing slideshow:

Time for my speech, I was shocked at how short Phil was standing next to me:

Of course, I had my speech on my iPhone:

Me demanding more attention as Bridge was doing her speech:

Our first dance...

...which wasn't exactly traditional:

Durka durka durka!

Ohhhhh, yeahhhh!

Taupo lookout:

Thanks to everyone for making our wedding so amazing!

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