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Dad and bro Phil:

Cullen and Bridge, who I think was doing her hard man face...

Andrew, Crazy, Karl, my, Craig and Stu looking out for fish:

Dianne and Mum trying their luck:

Andrew taking a few shots at the clay pigeons:

Everyone getting ready for a swim:



Underneath the boat:

The skipper cooking up dinner:


Bec's and Bridge:

Chow time:

James, still not fully recovered from the Wedding:

Chilling out that evening over a few brews:

Shea, Kent, Mel, Becs, Bridge, Crazy and I off for some morning waterskiing:

Taupo was a MIRROR! Freaken sweet:

Kent getting up:

Me taking advantage of the glassy surface:


Mel really getting the hang of wakeboarding:

Crazy carving it up:

Getting some air:

Crazy not carving it up:

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