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Here's a panorama of part of Angkor Thom:

Wandering around, this temple had heaps of faces carved in to it:

Another lovely pic of Bridge:

The local, pretty stoked to be up so early to perform:

Showing the hordes of tourists, I hope you can appreciate the lack of them in most of my other pics!

Central area of Ta Prohm:

Showing the protective wall around the temple:

Another panorama of the central area of the temple, I'll admit to photoshoping a couple of people out in this one:

Looking back as we leave Ta Prohm temple:

We had been looking at temples for several hours by this stage of the morning, and couldn't be arsed exerting energy to climb up the stairs of this one:

The other side of it:

One of the many smaller buildings scattered about the place, even though they all looked pretty cool, they all paled in to insignificance compared to what we'd just seen:

The elephant temple:

The third major temple we visited was the famous "Lara Croft" temple, Ta Prohm, where some of the filming from Tomb-Raider was filmed:

This place was arguably the most impressive, with trees, hundreds of years old giving an indication of just how ancient the temples we were exploring were, having grown on and through the temples centuries before:

The tree again to the right of this panorama:

The other side of the tree from the two pics above:

And here's the classic Tomb-Raider tree, with Raider-Bridge springing in to action:

And you wander through another doorway and boom, you hit this third tree. I took this panorama using HDR on my iPhone as the base of it was in shadow and the top in bright sunlight:

A fourth tree, seriously amazing to experience this place:

Tomb Raider Tony, springing in to action to steal the treasure before Bridget:

OH NO! Busted by Bridge!

I just had to include these two pics, we were mucking around in the cool of the temple and decided to take our time. We noticed that all the female Russian tourists were doing their glamour poses, so of course, we had to try too, I think we pulled it off much better:

A cool snap Bridge took showing some of the decay:

And exiting the Lara Croft temple I took this final panorama, for some reason this pic is one of my favourites:

Wandering back, looking for our Tuk-Tuk driver, we noted that this dude had the right idea:

When we finally got back to Siem Reap and had our siesta, we took off from our flash-packer accommodation (which didn't have a pool) to search for a nice hotel that did have one. After negotiating  at one hotel for $6 to use their pool, but finding they didn't have any any spare seats we got our money back and discovered a mega flash resort, which had the biggest salt-water pool in Cambodia, or something like that. Not in the mood to negotiate, I just asked the porter where the pool was, he pointed at one door, we wandered through it and spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening there:

Ahh, white foreigner in flash resort, he doesn't ever get questioned as to his eligibility to be there :-)

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