Cambodia - Siem Reap - Angkor Wat

(4/12/10) - two pages

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After Bangkok, Bridget and I caught a plane to Siem Reap in Cambodia, which was a nice enough place! Had some great restaurants:

Damn nice food:

And a river running through it for some nice snaps:

For our first full day there, we went to Angkor Wat to check out the sunrise.

This pic was taken at night with a 15 second exposure while it was night, it's the main entrance in to the Angkor Wat area after you pass over the first bridge and the streak of light leading up to the steps is from peoples torches:

And here's the classic pre-dawn panorama shot of Angkor Wat! Truly breathtaking and I recommend that anyone who goes there experiences it via sunrise:

This is a stitch of 6 photos showing a 180 degree view of Angkor Wat and the crowd of people across the water to the right about to watch the sun rise over it:

Bridge and I filling in time with a self shot :-)

And taking pics of bugs, I caught this pic a second before Bridget took one and the red light is from her camera's focus assist beam, make the who pic look rather trippy!

Another shot of the crowd watching:

And finally sunrise. The clouds were a blessing and a curse for photos:

Here's the view back down the road we walked to get in, showing the two temples either side:

The left temple in the pic above:

Mr Ed:

The left temple again, taking near the entrance to the centre temple:

Another self shot with the main temple behind us:

Bridge, looking lovely for such a horrible time of the morning:

A tiny part of the inside of the huge main temple area:

Carvings over most of the walls:

Can still see some of the original paint in this one:

Courtyard before the main central temple part:

Steps leading up to the centre of the temple:

Looking down to one of the entrances to the central area:

A panorama looking to the left of the pic above, showing the first wall of the central area on the right (and another entrance) and the second wall of the central area:

This is a stitch of 6 pics, trying to capture the central temple area. I really needed HDR photos with the morning sun shining on parts of it, but oh well:

Another fish-eye style panorama of the wall surrounding the temple:

One of the monuments near the temple:

After strolling through the trees on the other side of the temple, you come across the outer wall and entrances:

Inside the building of the pic above:

The other side of the building, capturing the early morning sun:

After another wander through the trees we came back to the temple at one of the corners, where I took another panorama of the area, you seriously can't capture the shear size of it:

Part of the moat surrounding the temple:

Another gate entrance, with Bridge and I standing in the doorway:

Back at the main entrance area there's hordes of people trying to sell ya stuff, as well as orphans playing instruments to raise some dosh:

Exiting back out of the temple:

Here's the "South Gate" leading to the second temple we saw (Angkor Thom), covering an even larger area than the first one we saw:

Awesome big heads carved at the top looking in all directions:

The other side of the "South Gate"

Click next to see Angkor Thom temple followed by Ta Prohm (the Lara Croft temple)!

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