(20/11/09) - including video


James, Crazy, Andrew and I took off to Vilnius for the weekend. Yeah, I had no idea where the hell Vilnius was either. Found out it's in Lithuania.

Seeing as the flight was at 6:30am and were were only going there for one night, James and I booked a couple of rooms cabins at Gatwick's YoTel.

I can actually really recommend them if you've got an early flight and want a decent enough sleep:

(you can't see the rain shower and loo to the right, but was great)

Here's a photo of a twin room (bed slides down flat):

and a bunk room:

The first thing we did when we arrived at Vilnius and dumped our bags, was to hire Segways! I was over the moon when I found out they had a Segway hire place there, especially after the fun we had in Copenhagen on them:

Look Mum, no hands!

Looking over Vilnius on the "Three Crosses hill":

Don't know why they called it the "Three Crosses Hill":

Gettin Jiggy on the segways:

Hooning mode activated:

By now, we had all master the no-hands, Mum:

Damn, I was one hairy baastard on this holiday:

Crusing down one of the main streets:

Andrew during one of his rentless moans about how cold his poor hands were (see the video for his amusing solution):

Checking out more of Vilnius architecture:

Andrew really got the hang of the Segways once he had warm hands:

Everyone thought Andrew was cool and popular after his skate-park showing off:

We actually did see the sights while mucking around on the Segways:

After a couple of awesome, fun hours, we decided it was time to get down to the real business of us coming to Vilnius. That would be eating and lots of boozing, starting off on this cool place the Segway guy recommended:

A drunken night snap while off to another bar:

Ohh, hug time! This was much later on in the evening, just before we got kicked out of the pub:

God only knows why they kicked us out:

I actually did remember why we got kicked out. Well, it was actually James who got kicked out. Andrew went to James rescue, when the bouncers at the pub manhandled James out of the place due to James smashing a pint of beer all over the floor of the pub. I may have had a little something to do with that though, as I was yanking and dragging James on to the dance floor at the precise time he dropped the pint, although I’m sure it was just complete coincidence.

As the bouncers were dragging James out of the pub, Andrew went ballistic at the bouncers for doing so (along with James yelling his head off at them), especially as the barman said it was OK earlier on about the dropped pint (drunks with backing of the barman, bad mix for the bouncers to deal with). If you heard James and Andrew tell the story in the cab to the airport the next day though, it comes across along the lines of “So I had a discussion with the bouncers over a cup of tea about the various merits to their actions, but they unreasonably decided not to reverse their decision”. In the meantime I kept a watchful eye on what was going on and calmly informing the owner of the pub that we we’ll happily be on our way just as soon as the guys finish their cup of tea with the bounders.

And finally, a classic Andrew picture to finish off the page:

And here's the video!

Vilnius, has awesome Segways!


By Tony Baker: email