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Went to Copenhagen with James, Kent and Andrew last weekend for a drunken few days away, spent wandering around looking at buildings like this:

Pretty canal's like this:

With colourful buildings and cool looking boats:

Some crazy looking spire where people go to spit off of:

and we also wandered around the Christiana area, which is filled with hippies making crazy stuff:

Settling down for the first of many, many beers:

Reliving oneself after a few beers, at the designated location of course, we aren't uncouth!:

Some dudes throwing a barbie:

We also went to Guinnes World Records place which got us in to this cool "Experience" thing as well, where we had fun:

Combining my face with Andrews:

James with Andrew:

And back to the pub for a few more beers! We found an awesome band playing at an Irish pub and settled in for the long haul:

The next day, what better thing to do with a stinking hangover than to go on a Segway tour! Andrew chilled out on the grass while Kent, James and I wizzed around Copenhagen, defiantly the highlight of the trip! Check out the vid:

We hired from "Segway Tours Copenhagen" (Ph. +45 22 35 62 86 to make a booking, click here and here to see pamphlet) and TOTALLY recommend them. The guy who took us made it awesome fun!

Um, yeah...

Kent, James and our guide:

Look Mum, no hands!

Fighter formation:

I saw a booger:


Click next to see a picture with boobies in it!

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