Abseil from Capital Tower



I decided to abseil down Capital Tower's 14 stories for charity, Childhood First. As everyone knows, I'm very modest about my charity work.

Also, I got out of work for an hour, get to be the centre of attention and could take in a sweet view.

Capital tower is on the Left:

It was a fantastic view from the top alright:

Looking over Waterloo station to the London Eye:

Looking down to Lower Marsh where the Tesla office is:

Towards the city, St Pauls, Tower42, Gherkin.

As it happened, I got to go down the same time as another Kiwi (by complete coincidence), Richard:

Looking down, was a LOT higher from the top:

To give you an idea, here's a zoom in of the pic above so you can actually see people:

Off we went!

This beats being in the office!

Starting to race ahead:

Doing a few jumps, even though we were told not to (PFFFFF! What's the point of doing it otherwise?!)

Come on Richard!!!

And done!

Abseiling from the top of tall buildings, it's sweet!


By Tony Baker: email