(24/06/05) - including video


In a DESPERATE attempt to redeem myself and prevent me boiling in molten lava for eternity after posting my last page, Crazy's Date, I recently did some of my usual Charity work.

I get tons of email from people along the lines of "Gosh, Tony, you do soooo much Charity work and make a real difference to peoples lives, why don't you put THAT on your web site?!" Usually I toil endlessly, purely for the good feeling I get inside and think that posting stories about the incredible gifts that I unselfishly provide people would make me sound kinda full of myself.

But then again, perhaps it will empower you, the reader, to get out there and try to become your own Tony.

The television cameras happened to be recording bits of my day last Friday, here's the video they took as part of their documentary about community heroes.

If you couldn't quite make out the spray painting, here it is:

Ok, I'm not sure, but I think I may have just broken some form of craaap spewing record. Guinness doesn't currently have a classification in that little book of theirs for me, but they're now considering adding a "Bollocks compressed so tightly in one spot, that an implosion to a singularity occurred" section.


So here's some snaps of the "real" day. A bunch of us were sorted out by Amy as part of an organisation that gets employers to "sponsor" days off for their employees to go out into the community and tidy up schools. I went along because it was a sunny day and I got out of the office.

Here's the first garden we "weeded":

And another garden we "weeded":


adj : Having had "weeds" removed.



n. : Any plant or object.

Here's a shiitty wall before we scrapped it down and painted it:

I took the lead on scraping the shiit out of it. For some reason Amy though I'd be great at getting rid of craap. Kinda ironic...:

Rhian "glowed" her ass off cleaning up after me:

Here's some of the kids from the school who provided moral support by fetching me glasses of water.

To the casual observer, fetching me glasses of water may have looked uncannily like picking up and throwing rocks at me while I was on the ladder and then laughing their asses off when I fall.


JUST KIDDING! They were great.

We also painted a mural on one of the walls:

Rhian did a great job on painting a "magical door" to Narnia and scaring the kids when they asked what we were painting by telling them it was gong to be a herd of Tigers chewing up school kids who ask too many questions:

Here's me painting the most important part of the mural:

And the finished product. Notice how awesome the teeth on the tiger are:

Here's the REAL artist of the day who actually painted the mural:

And the true artist:


And now for the video! Check it out here.