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Bridget, Crazy, James, Andrew and I went for Turkey, leaving 30th Sept.

Has been an awesome trip! Here are some snaps from the first half.

We flew in to Istanbul and spent the first evening wandering around tourist central, near the Aya Sofya:

Before settling down for a few beers and a feed at a Restaurant Crazy spied which was high up on a rooftop, giving us a great view of the sun set and Blue Mosque:

Here's a bit of an arty one:

The Aya Sofya at twlight:

We happened to hit the right time of the evening to see the Blue Mosque lit up by a light show too:

The next day we checked out the Basilica Cistern (between the two mosques):

Here's one of the famous Medusa heads:

Stalls and people wanting to sell ya junk everywhere:

Going inside the Blue Mosque:

Inside the Blue Mosque (personally I don't think it's as spectacular inside):

Mmm, Kebab time (not):

We were really happy when we found the right street up to the Istanbul tower:

Where you can get a fantastic view over Istanbul:

The next day we took off to Cappadocia, staying at "The Flintstones" backpackers in Göreme. Cappadocia is famous for its fairy chimneys (or peniis chimneys as everyone really calls them). The Flintstones backpackers has rooms that are caves in the side of a hill. Here's the inside of Bridget and my room:

It was nice and cool inside during the heat of the day, despite no air-con:

Entrance to it:

Crazy and James chilling by the pool:

The open air museum is the thing to see in Göreme. We wandered up the road to it, passing the pottery tree on the way:

Bridget and I spied a rabbit rock:

And wandered off the road to check out some of the caverns before the open air museum:

Before finally going "inside":

Some of the many, many rooms you can go in to:

Inside one of the churches:

Bridget performing a traditional Turkish dance:

Some of the paintings on the walls:


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