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Even before we left Thailand, I knew that our trip to Shanghai was going to be special...

Even getting from the airport is special! You can go on the MagLev train (Magnetic levitation):

It freaken flogs:

Here's a short vid of us going next to a motorway, makes the cars look like they're standing still...

The first thing that hits ya when you get to shanghai is just how damn smoggy it is, it's insane! Makes Bangkok's air look clean!

It does make for some great sunsets though:

Andrew and I were stoked to find out that our hotel was actually right in the heart of the tourist area, and the end of the most lit up street in Shanghai:

Looking good for the ladies?...


We started to get hungry after all the wandering around:

"I'll have THAT hunk of dodgy dried meat please, sir!"

Andrew was particularly stoked when he found a store customised for him, is there anything they don't have?!

We walked down to the river and got to check out the Pearl Tower on the other side:

It's pretty impressive lit up at night:

Here's a view from the Pearl tower side, looking back across the river at the rest of the city:

Of course, we had to go up it! Great views:


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