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Damn, I've been meaning to do this page for a while now! We went to Norwich before Thailand.

Craig came over to see Led Zep end of last year and he booked a cottage out in the middle of hicks-ville and a bunch of us guys (Craig, Richard, Stu, James, Crazy, Andrew and I) took off for the weekend to booze ourselves silly and have some fun...

Here's Craig and I:

Crazy, being culturally sensitive as always:

Richard and James. Richard had a wee accident shaving, James proving that he still look pretty with a Moe (which suits him surprisingly well):

Stu and Andrew (Andrew's Moe judiciously worn):

Mono-brow Stu:

Sitting around on the first night, playing poker and drinking beers, I'm sure we were talking about football and boobies too:

Stu showing his scar these days, after the 3rd degree burn he got on on his stag do (which I had nothing to do with):

We also had a hot tub, which we used to show how manly we all were:

Crazy's self-done photo shoot:

One of the guys started screaming and pointing out in to the darkness, Crazy was quick enough to snap a shot of BIG FOOT running through the bushes! Check it out:

Here's a snap of where we were staying, it's actually a lot bigger than it looks from the front:

What was also damn cool, was that the cottage was right next to a river and came with A BOAT!!! WOO HOO!

Yep, nothing like getting boozed and piloting a boat down a river while drinking... get to a pub!

The ride down the river was really scenic:

Actually, in all seriousness, it was rather pretty:


Read on for more amusing drunken pics!


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