Nice, France

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Bridget and I took off to Nice the other weekend (well, Bridget was over there for work during the week, I popped over on Fri):

I've been through Nice a few times to get to Cap D' Ail, but have never explored the place. It's a pretty gorgeous seaside city:

Here's a view the other direction, looking over Nice port:

Nice is a fantastic place to simply wander around:

Of course, I took Bridget to some classy places, like the cemetery:

Wandering around the old town is very cool too:

Check it out! Thought it was a bit of Kiwiana, but the French just nicked the word Maori (and the Moko design too if you look closely):

I was in a very French mood the first night:

On Sat after a huge sleep in, Bridget and I took off to Eze village (only about 20 mins from Nice) to get another fantastic view:

and to have a wander around through the narrow streets, some of which were on quite a lean:

Here's a snap of the Hotel in Eze:

Bridget tried out a fashionable French hat:

And of course, we had some French coffee, French *ahem* style:

Bridget showed me her mental spoon bending trick:

After we saw all there was to see in Eze Village, we took off round to Monaco to check out what stupid amounts of money can get you:

This boat was nuts... you can see, it had a few boats in it!

It was dwarfed by the ocean liner behind it, however:


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