Cap D' Ail 2006

(26/07/06) - Two pages


Ahh, another August bank holiday and another trip to Cap D' Ail. This was my 3rd trip there (last year and the year before were damn cool too).

Unfortunately, this year Stef and Adele weren't able to come as they are expecting their first child, the first year since their honey moon that they missed, which sucks!

Sooo, I have made a special page just for Stef and Adele and I have made this page for the rest of the world! On the left is Stef and Adele's page and on the right is what really went down. Enjoy!


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The feeling of a dreadful holiday started right at the beginning when the airport lost all of Kent's luggage:

I had the feeling of a great holiday on its way when our bags were the first out on the baggage claim:

After having to spend an hour filling in lost luggage forms we could finally take off, naturally just missing the bus to Cap D' Ail by seconds and having to wait 2 more hours for the next bus to arrive:

Kent and I timed our flight perfectly for Tania and Grant to pick us up at the airport as well! Nothing better than not having to muck around with all the hassle and expense of public transport.

We finally managed to hitch a ride once we found out after a 3 hour wait that the last bus for the day was cancelled. It's a long boring windy road to Cap D' Ail:

Kent got car sick and the van we were in broke down 3 times before FINALLY made it:

One of the cool things about going to Cap D' Ail from Nice is the trip there! You get spectacular view of the seaside as you wind up the cliffs:

Unfortunately, the hotel that we were to stay at had lost our reservations and there were no vacancies available:

Béatrice at the Hotel Mirama were we stay every year was there to greet us with open arms and sign us into the kick ass family room we book every year:

We were all absolutely exhausted when we finally got set up in a hotel, met the others and couldn't really enjoy the evening at all

We met up with everyone else at the hotel and spent the first evening drinking beers on the family room balcony soaking up the gorgeous weather and having a real good laugh:

The next day it was down to the beach. I told Kent that last year you get a really great view as you walk down to the beach, I was sorely mistaken this year:

When we went down to the beach the next day, Kent was stoked when he saw how gorgeous the beach was!

We tried to drown our sorrows with a few beers, but Kent knocked them all over just as they were placed down in front of us, Kent blamed it on me and we had a huge fight:

Chilling out on the beach drinking beers, what more could you ask for?!

The talent on the beach this year was NOT cool:

Oh yeah, how about some fantastic scenery...


...wonderful food...

Yeah, we saw some real freaks on this holiday:

...and gorgeous warm water to go swimming in... check out all the fish!


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