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The host, opening a bottle of bubbly on the staircase:

Dennis, already looking a bit worse for wear...

Hot wrestler:

Hard wrestler:

When Dennis does wrong, the only way to teach him a lesson is to give him a good hard spanking:

Sexy Storm Trooper air guitar:

Pretty cool decorations all around:

Dennis finding the stairs far too confusing to be able to stand up on them:

Although never let it be said he's not as cool as the Fonz...

Dennis drank too much red punch... really affected the end result when he had to go potty in the middle of the floor:

Ohhh. Bridge and me!

Another Bridge and Bec's classic:

Dennis was not impressed with Lindsey's ability to use the force:

Making more friends:

Partying all night makes for a Tired Storm Trooper:

Dennis looking even worse for wear...

Storm Troopers know how to parrrrty!

A doe eyed Bec's:

Um, Storm Trooper lovin?!

This is a bit better than the above...

The compulsory Tony and Dennis pic:

Bec's, Bridge and Lindsey taking a break from dancing:

Dennis eventually decided to show those stairs who was boss, impressing an onlooker...

I was beginning to think here, "I know what's coming..."

The anticipation was mounting:

And sure enough, Dennis comes crashing to Earth with Lindsey leaping up to see if he's OK while I laugh my head off and take more snaps:

Dennis turning his catastrophic fall in to a break dancing move, like he intended to fall head first off the steps in the first place:

Dennis: "Pff, whatever, floor! You're not as hard as me!"

The one man party:

And back at Dennis and Lindsey's for a night cap, with a little 6am Rock Guitar Hero...

Halloween, not just for Americans!


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