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On Halloween, a bunch of us took off round to Dennis's place. Byron, Dennis and myself dressed up as Storm Troopers. Here we are chilling out:

Anna seems very impressed with my Sexy Storm Trooper pose. Looks like she hasn't seen anyone use the force in such a way before...

Bridge and Bec's were equally impressed:

Unfortunately, Dennis (in the middle) never managed to master the force in the same way Byron and I did:

The ladies posing:

Um... more posing...

Bridget testing out costume options...

Lindsey made some fantastic lanterns. Apparently in Ireland they use turnips instead...

Jason Storm Trooper, Lindsey looking a bit uneasy...

Lindsey eating a snake to build up her powers to handle the rest of the night...

Bridget and her invisible decks, scratching up a storm:

Eye-eye, Lindsey:

Then it was off to a house party.

Here's what storm Troopers look like when they're relaxing with their helmets off:

Looks like Dennis is heading towards the dark side...

Bridget and Bec's:

Lindsey and Bridge:

Storm Troopers having a wee drink and making new friends:

Nice grope photo:


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