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Andrew couldn't get it up initially:

Finally, Andrew gets it erected, JP seems to be the only one impressed at the size:

Shea blowing Richard:

Sarah providing a comfortable seat for Shea, while Jane looks on, pondering how she can get a turn to sit on Sarah's happy lap:

Boozed enough to investigate the trap door in the floor now:

Turns out, there's a bloody great hole:

Ohhhhh, Bridget and I! We must have left the pub and got to Thai Square now!

Matt, Andrew, me and Stef, proving that you CAN fit more than two on a twin seater couch:

AND it's comfortable, with no-one passing out due to their lungs being crushed AT ALL!

Stef vainly trying for a fag substitute, while I spy someone behind Stef:

a) I have no idea who this is and
b) Can't recall this photo being taken:

Andrew proving that you don't need to use up all the space on the couch first, while Craig looks for his lost vibrator under it:

It was cold outside, so we all had to cuddle up to keep warm.

We didn't believe Dennis when he said that he has clean nostrils, so he proved us wrong:

On the way to Dennis's place, Craig dropped his (or whoever it actually belonged to) poker present on the pavement in the middle of Putney High Street. When he started to cry we all decided to sit down and play a game:

Looks like Stef went out early:

Me about to deal the cards by the looks of it and probably telling Dennis "no, you can't have an extra one"

I'm guessing Dennis won the tournament:

Me, Craig and Matt, trying to set a new trend of three person dancing... didn't catch on:

We came across four traffic cones on the pavement on our walk to Dennis's place. So we did what any responsible adults would do, and blocked up Upper Richmond road with them and ran away laughing ourselves stupid when all the traffic stopped:

And the last pic is a photo of Dennis's ex-couch. The only recollection of this incident I have is carrying it along the balcony with Dennis at the other end, hearing a huge Crunch and running away back to Dennis's flat, giggling...


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