Xmas Party


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We had our yearly Xmas Party in Putney, which went off like a tiger shredding a bed sheet (think "rip-roaring"). Here are a few snaps of a night that was one of the drunker and more funny nights I've had in a while... which really is saying something!

Here is the FIRST snap taken of the night, you can't smoke in pubs in England any more, but that didn't stop Craig and I:

Magnum PI Craig was still sporting his Mo from Movember (and Stu trying to look as cool). Keep checking out Craig's top lip as the night goes on:

Ahhh, here's me scoring my Adele Hug for the night! They kick ass by the way:

Matt and Craig... Remember, keep looking at the Tash:

Speaking of Tash's, here's Matt with his! HAHAHAHA Get it?! Hmm, well, I guess you have to know Matt and Tash, here with their newborn, Bradley:

The Egypt Crew that made it to the party, i.e. my flatmates (Tans, Grant, Me, Meels) and Brooke:

Wave to the camera everyone:

Here's Stef hitting on Tania, she doesn't seem overly taken by Stef's lines:

Hitler even made it:

Here's my workmate, JP, showing off his Lightsaber skillzzz

The usual Tony and Dennis pose that is compulsory to be recorded on every camera at every party:

"BLUE STEEL" someone yelled out. Crazy going nuts and pulling a face to stand out as usual:

Me, Dennis, Lindsey and Shea. Not quite sure what we were doing, but it involved anger and mighty pythons:

Meels with her Xmas eyes, scaring Richard and Grant by the looks of it!

Richard and I looking very sificated, sofisticated, syfistakated, flash, ay!

Jane and Meels, trying to find the hidden naughty room:

Craig with a cold top lip, finally!


Those photos where NOTHING! Now check out the next page where it starts to get a little drunker...


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