My Birthday


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 I had a fantastic birthday last Fri, 29th June! Got a bunch down to Jolly Gardner's pub in Putney, starting out in the sun:

(Chris, Chris, Stu, Matt, Tash, Zara, Karen and Stef)

(Stu, Matt, Tash, Zara, Karen, Alice, Grant, James)

Here's Andrew, Chris and Richard, discussing the finer points of free trade between countries I imagine:

Karen, Alice, Ellie, Crazy here:

Crazy turned up sporting a new Jacket, we all had to try it on, here's Karl wearing it:


Richard again, with Karl testing to see how much harder wearing the coat has made Richard:

Chris wearing it Gangster style:

Stu thought it brought out his mighty worm-sized biceps, sorry, I meant mighty python-sized biceps:

Of course, I had to show Stu what biceps really looked like:

Meels, bringing out the sexy side of the jacket:

Chris gave it the thumbs up:

James, giving the jacket a pretty face:

And we even got a random to wear it, I think this was one of the bar staff...

We all settled down to some good ol' fashion boozing and yackking:

Chris showing his "blood" gangster sign, unfortunately let down by his beat the craap out of me face expression:

Tans and Ellie talking away, while Shea provides a monkey impersonation:

Chris got me the T-Shirt I'm wearing here... I'm thinking of heading on down to Brixton (the Otara of London) wearing it:

James and Chris having a "pretty" contest, James wins hands down of course:


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