Mountain Biking and Golf in Wales


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Andrew, Stu, Kent, Grant and I took off to Wales last Fri for some mountain biking. We went camping, like real men do:

We stayed at this place called Aberystwyth, which is a University town. It has its own pier!

Wasn't exactly swimming weather, despite being July!

The mountain biking itself was superb, taking us through some fantastic Welsh countryside:

We did our mountain biking about 30 mins north at Machynlleth, we did the Cli-machx trail, which included the awesome "Tony the Tiger" downhill section which is 4km long and is apparently the longest uninterrupted section of singletrack in Wales. Totally recommend it.

Here's superman Andrew, right after he pushed his mountain bike up the hill, finally saw us round the corner at the top and leapt back on it to bike the last 10 meters:

Grant caning it through some of the fab purpose built tracks:

Kent and Andrew:

Stu barrelling off down another trail:

Some views across the countryside:

A well deserved break for lunch, right before we headed down the trail called "Tony The Tiger":

Views from the trail:

A huge thumbs up after nailing down the trail from Stu and I:

And Grant and Kent:

Andrew's bike broke just before the kick ass downhill bit, so he very unfortunately missed out.

See if you can match the legs to the people:

And the arses:

I was lucky enough to capture Andrew wiping out in what has to be the saddest mountain bike crash I've ever seen. I just had to post it on YouTube, you can see it here or click play below:

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