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We also went to the Tamaki Maori Village that night to check it out and have a hungi for dinner which was all excellent.

A traditional welcome (pōwhiri):

They had put a lot of effort in setting up a village in the bush. Our tour guide told us in the bus that the Maori people don't actually live like this today and that the village was set up as an example of how they USED to live:

Each of the huts had their own speciality showing how the Maori used to make stuff:

After checking out the village, it was off to check out the Maori performance in the Marae:

It was bl00dy good actually! Fantastic performance and a wicked Haka at the end.

If ya want a taste of the welcome and dancing, check out the video!


YouTube (recommend)

or hit play below:

Here's my Mum behind this pole carving:

and one final "choice" shot:

Sunday coming shortly...

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