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John and I had a great time in the weekend. I showed him a couple of the North Islands touristy destinations.

We started off at Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland near Rotorua. It was pretty impressive, especially the Champagne lake which goes down to 62 meters in the middle and water enters the pool at 230 degrees C (cools down to 74 degrees at the top):

That's Arsenic and Antimony sulphur compounds around the edge:

Lots of caves with bubbling pools of mud:

Really colourful pools (with yellow sulphur and green ferrous salts)

This pool is called the Oyster:

And this freaky coloured pool is known as the Devil's bath (seriously, how many people would read that and expect it to be red?!)

Here's a little taste of what bubbling hot mud and steaming water looks like (not the most exciting video I've ever produced):


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