Foo Fighters - O2 Arena (Millennium Stadium)

Performance was on 18/11/07, video here



It's raining this morning in Koh Samui, gives me a chance to put this page up after I made my Foo Fighters video waiting at the airport!

The Foo Fighters were quite simply, Awesome. U2 on their home turf in Croke Park was better in my book, but damn, that's one hard act to follow!

The concert was held at the O2 Arena, which most people will probably know as the Millennium Stadium. They've done some fantastic work setting up the O2 Arena, it's basically a mini-city into itself! I was really impressed:


Outside the stadium:

Being a geek, I was impressed at how they lit up the stairs:

WOO HOO! On they came! We were about 2/3 back or so from the front of the stage. Was still pretty sweet where we were:

Crowd was going bananas

Here's Stu with his I just soiled myself with excitement expression (I went with Stu and Sam):

We were really getting in to the concert when all of a sudden a large ring started coming down from the roof! when it finally finished coming down just in front of us, we saw that it had a stage set up on it! SWEET! Foo Fighters came out to it and played for about an hour on it!

Really got the crowd going, greatest quote: "I bet you feel sorry for those fu*kers up front right now"

They played a few acoustic versions of their songs too, sound in the stadium was damn good:

Finally back to the main stage:

Simply fantastic. It's no wonder they have sold out Wembley Stadium twice over in June within 10 freaken minutes!

If ya get a chance to see them, you'd be crazy not to go.


Here's my Foo Fighters Video to give ya a wee taste of what the concert was like!

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