U2, Croke Park, Dublin, 25th June 2005


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What an incredible concert! Damn, the biggest and best I've been to. Not as amusing as Def Leppard, but still, pretty freaken good!

--> We got TANKED on the Friday night when we arrived. Here is a video of a bit of what went down. Dear God, my Mum must be so proud. I've had to censor a part of the video where Richard discusses his philosophical outlook on the current state of Fusion reactors in Europe because it was so, um, hmm... just watch it... :-)

We started the Saturday off in sweet style, watching the All Blacks STOMP the Lions into the dirt in the first test. We where at a pub called the Wool Shed. We arrived at 7:30 and the queue had already gotten quite long!

We still managed to get a sweet possie to watch the game:

After the game we chilled out for a couple of hours and then after a few more Guinness:


...headed off down to Croke Park for the concert. Here's a few snaps to give you a taste of the concert and the capacity crowd:

As you can see above, even mutant half people where there, everyone loves U2.

Bonno did his expected preach about saving the world, but he didn't drag it on too long, most of the time he was rocking:

U2 had and AWESOME stage setup. The entire wall behind them was capable of displaying whatever the hell they wanted, from special effects:

to live video:

We were about 15 meters to the left of the grey sound station you can see in this pic:

Bonno also got this guy out of the audience who was holding up some sign. He asked him if he wanted to sing and he said, "Nah, give me the guitar". He then proceeded to play an entire song with U2 on stage!!! What a bloody legend. You can see him here, holding the black guitar (He was Canadian, one up for you, Amy!):

Cullen and I thought it was all pretty darn good:

Tony presents, The U2 Video:

low-res (download) and medium-res (via Google, Recommended)

Or click play below (crank up the sound):

(I think it's one of my better ones as far as an idea coming together is concerned. Shows the stadium filling up and a taste of what it was like to be in the crowd)


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