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Here's Chris at the end of the performance, he climbed up in to the rafters of the roof, you know, cos there was a ladder there:

Coming back down after getting busted. The usher said to him "you're not allowed to do that" and Chris said "OK".

We all told Chris off and said that he was never, EVER to do something so silly and reckless ever again, totally unlike the rumours that went around of us giving him drunken high-fives and calling him "da man".

It was off for steak, champagne and, um, flowers after:

Me sampling a quick quaff of the good stuff while some psycho looking dude waters the flowers with the bubbly:

Here's Crazy giggling excitedly at how close a girl has come to him:

Crazy wasting his camera battery on his 12th pic of glasses and roses (honestly, he filled the damn camera up with them, I counted TWENTY pics, just of the flowers. Beats wasting the camera battery on amusing drunken pics of the guys I guess...):

Ooooos a pretty boy then?

Seriously, it was just getting a bit WEIRD with all the flower photos, here's just a SELECTION of them:

"YAY!!! It's my birthday!!!" says Crazy, while Andrew looks fearfully (and for good reason) at Crazy wielding two glass bottles above his head:

Us guys at the table, I'm doing the Cullen pose, Richard gives his "come here, little boy" look while Chris show's his respect for the "V" side...

GREAT night John! Cheers for the 150 worth of bubbly!


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