Crazy's 31st Birthday

(22/11/07) - 2 pages

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As usual, I've been meaning to post these for a while, especially as Crazy's Birthday was on the 1st (3 weeks ago today).

After the surprising last second planning and frantic calling around that we're totally not used to from Crazy, he ended up booking us guys two boxes to see the Shaolon Monks, which was pretty cool!

Of course, we were in fine martial arts form:

(Chris, Stef, Richard, me, Stu, James and Andrew)

Um, yeah, well, here's a few kung-foo shots... some of us got in to the mood more than others:

Richard, doing his "Dragon-tongue" move and me doing the "suck the nipple on the giant boobie" attack pose:

Here's birthday boy Crazy, doing the monkey while I do the "Football-posing chop", Stef on the left does the "pretty boy block" while Richard fails miserably at the same move:

Crazy and Richard, locked in mortal Combat:

Stu doing the "Scream of the wild-eyed crazy man" while James does the "bend over and take it grinning" defensive block:

Andrew does the "finger point of death" while Chris defends using the "Child's tent of candy-floss" block:

Chris doing the "monkey come screaming from the tree" move on Crazy, who's attacking back with "the twin-claw of great harm"

Stu, Chris and Crazy trying to compete with Andrew's bicep posing:

OK, and here are a few snaps of the monks themselves. Of course, there was absolutely no photography and videoing allowed, so I went nuts snapping away until I got busted (I used the "oh, REALLY, you CAN'T take pics? I guess I was out getting beer when that announcement was broadcast" line):


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