Wakeboarding in New Zealand


(Includes a great wakeboarding video: low-res download and medium res via Google - recommended)

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Crazy and I stopped off in Taranaki to see Scott, who was brilliant enough (as always) to let us chew through a few tanks of gas doing some wakeboarding on his boat! Top man.

Here's the glorious Mount Egmont (or Mount Taranaki as those not in the know call it) which Taranaki is famous for:

I'm sure anyone from the Naki will instantly realise that photo was taken in the morning around Stratford, with Mouth Egmont slowly taking off it's blanket from the night before.

Scott lives in New Plymouth and so does a good mate of mine, Simon, who took me out for a stroll around the old hood so I could check out Paritutu Rock from above Back Beach (with the famous wharf chimney behind it):

Anyway, To get the most out of wakeboarding, you have to prepare yourself the night before with a good feed of fish and chips with a couple of beers at Ngamotu beach (port Taranaki):

(that's breaded fish above, the BEST way of having fish)

We might have overdone the preparations somewhat...

One of Scott's favourite haunts for wakeboarding (thanks to it convenience) is Lake Rotomanu, New Plymouth (with a small island in the middle):

We warmed up with some biscuit riding:

Which was freaken sweet, Scott took my "go hard, do your WORST" literally :

There are some brilliant biscuit wipe-outs in the vid as well.





Tony (page 2), Crazy (page 3), Scott and Video (page 4)



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