Peak District Adventure Weekend



James, Nic, Richard and I took off last weekend to the Peak District to do some Kayaking and rock climbing for free, as James won a competition in TNT.

We started off Kayaking on the Sat after arriving from a lovely long bus ride from London. I suggest the train to anyone wanting to go north myself:

We had to put all the gear on, such as splash jacket and splash skirt. As you can see, it wasn't the first time I've warn a skirt:

Here's James trying to keep Nic's feet warm with his hand:

It was always amusing watching Richard try and keep his kayak in a straight line. Here he is at his closest point to us during the day:

We went out to see what the nearest town "Leek" had to offer in the way of entertainment Sat night. I do have to say that there is a general look about most people of of "I'm the product of my cousins having intimate relations" and the girls put out a certain vibe, which felt like "I'm your cousin, want to have intimate relations?".

We managed to amuse ourselves with loads of drinking, dancing, watching the freaks go by and taking photos like this:

The next day we took off to go rock climbing at a place called "The Roaches", which gave us the opportunity to check out some great English scenery on the Moors.

Here is "Rockhall Cottage" which is a climbing hut, basically built into a rock wall near to where we had our first climb:

I was the most experienced climber out of the 4 of us (well, I was the only one who had done any form of climbing before, i.e. indoor), so of course I struck my "lord of the mountain" pose to put everyone at ease about my abilities:

Here's James trying to find the toilet... "Just a little further up, James!"

Richard coming back down after tagging "Parko was here '06" at the top of the rock wall:

Nic thought that was very irresponsible of Richard (seeing as it included his name), so she climbed back up to rub it off and replace it with "Ozzy, ozzy, ozzy, oi, oi oi!"


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