Matt and Tash's Wedding



The Xmas Party was on Fri night and Matt and Tash got married on the Sat!

Was a fantastic day. Here are some snaps.

Always good seeing ourselves all dressed up for a change. Richard went all out and brought himself a brand new pair of socks:

Tash let Matt sweat it out a bit, starting the ceremony a few mins late:

On our best behaviour:

The ceremony was a very traditional affair, very cool. Matt informed me just prior to turning up that the guy who was gonna video was late, so he asked me to do it which was quite an honour! Got the best views of the wedding in the process :-)

off to the pub after, for some pre-meal drinks:

Of course SOMEONE had to spill drink on themselves at the reception. Richard is the master at doing that :-)

A lovely wee shot to put in the album...?!:

THAT'S better! Hugs for Shan :-) I'm sure I could crop out Ian and Richard nicely from that...

OHH, looks like the guys were jealous of my hug! One at a time guys, come-on...

And here's a little video of Shan rubbing glitter on Crazy's head without him knowing it :-)


And a great snap of the party (Crazy smacking Adele outa the way, hell, she had her baby 6 weeks ago, she should be able to handle it!)

A wonderful day, congratulations you two!

By Tony Baker: email