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Each year we have a get together of as many of our mates that can make it for an Xmas party and Secret Santa. This year Stef did his usual organisation of it (much like last years event) with help from Nic, as having a baby sure soaks up a lot of ya time, apparently!

Unfortunately, Stef and Adele couldn't make it in the end as they had to take care of Zara.

Here are a few snaps of the very successful night with my usual comments.

Crazy, Shan and Tans at the beginning of the night, note how proper and sober people look at this stage:

Hmm, well, goes downhill pretty quick with us lot:

Matt and Anne here, newly Engaged!

Secret Santa was a winner, Karen and Ian checking out Ian's present here:

The room we hired had a trap door in the floor, of course, it DEMANDED to be opened:

Found out that it's where all the beer is kept :-)

No set of pictures would be complete without a typical Tony and Dennis snap:

Me, Katrina, Alice, Karen and Ian:

Surprisingly, there was only really one s3xual related gift this year (unlike last year). A Carrot with a condom on it. Andrew took a real liking to it, with Richard checking for STD's

Tans was kind enough to lube it up with some Vaseline:

And away Andrew went:

When Shan managed to get the carrot off of Andrew, she showed me her mastery of vegetable eating:


But wait, there's more!!!

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