Cap D' Ail #2 (with Bono and Edge!)


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Another SWEET holiday in Cap D' Ail, at least on par with last years holiday there.

There's something about leaving crappy London weather and a few hours later, arriving on a beach and jumping into beautiful water that puts a smile on ya face :-)

11 of us went this year! 5 chicks, Adele, Amelia, Tania, Shannon and Nic:

And 6 of us guys, Grant, me, Crazy, Ian, Stef and Mark:

Those pics were taken at the top of a place called Eze, a cool village right up on top of cliffs overlooking the ocean:

Purely a tourist place to check out and for chicks to shop at:

I just loved going because we hired scooters this year and it was sweet hooning up there :-)

Ian did manage to find something that took his fancy though:

Here's how we spent most of our days, lying in the sun on the beach:

Playing chess with ya feet in the water (Grant is picking his nose for inspiration here):

HEAPS of swimming and snorkelling:

Watching to see just how sunburnt Crazy could get is always a great pastime:

There's also quite a few water sports to do there, from hiring paddle boats... going out wake-boarding. Of course, no wake-boarding fun would be complete without a video of Crazy wiping out (see video at end for some more action, and if you're really desperate for more Crazy wipe-outs check out the video on this page).


Keep clicking next to check out more photos and the vid!:

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