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Damn, I've been meaning to put this page up for weeks! Oh well, here it is.

Near the end of May, me, Richard, Kent, James, Nic and Nic's mate Sharon went to Amsterdam to sample the delights that it presents. We also met up with Crazy J and two mates he met when he went bush after our trip to KL and NZ.

On the way over on the ferry, I saw Mat Hodges fat twin (to anyone who knows Matt, am I right or what?!):

After arriving in Da Dam, we found ourselves unable to get any accommodation and after wandering around in the rain for a couple of hours, we FINALLY managed to get a place on a botel!

Richard was pretty stoked about our accommodations:

Although it appears that there is barely enough room for just two people, Richard and I also managed to sneak in Crazy J at night when he was unable to get accommodation himself. Believe it or not, he fitted under the bottom bunk.

The botel itself was pretty damn sweet and well looked after. Very nice to chill out with a couple of beers on after staggering about in the rain:

Being on a botel certainly has it bonuses:

As I said, we met up with Crazy and his two mates (Esther and Angela), who brought him a lovely outfit, for a nice way of saying cheers for coming out to see them (that or they had some sick Dutch fettish I wasn't aware of):

Yeah, I don't know how Crazy managed to meet two ladies as lovely as them either (Angela on left, Esther on Right)...

...seriously, no freaken idea:

Of course, it was left up to me to pull a few of my funky dance floor moves to keep the ladies interested:

Really wasn't holding back:

I told Richard my dance floor secrets:

Which seemed to work, up until he added his own (which was liked by the looks of things):

Richard even scored a few kisses:

Anyway, we got plastered that night until some daylight hour of the morning:


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