Tony and Crazy’s NZ Trip Via KL Part 1


The video is now available here

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What a sweet time Crazy and I have been having and we’re not even half way through our holiday!
I’ve taken heaps of video footage all through KL (Kuala Lumpur) and KK (Kota Kinabalu), I don’t have time to make the video of this part of our journey yet, you’ll have to wait, it promises to be a cracker as always :-).
We started our holiday off by our flight from KL to KK being canceled, which actually worked in our favour as we got to spend a night and day in KL and check out some of the nightlife:

During the day, we checked out the Petronas Towers...

...although we couldn’t go up them, because for some reason they decided to close the viewing deck on Mondays. Oh well, we still had fun:

We watched the local bikies have a go:

We jumped into some dodgy taxi and got the guy to take us to some sites, like the Batu Caves, which was fairly boring except for the monkeys:

Crazy is in this pic, see if you can pick him out:

The dodgy driver also took us out bush to go on a canopy walk in the jungle…

…after tramping half an hour we found out that you had to make a booking. Bugger. We did manage to take some great video footage, you’ll have to wait until I get that together though…
The only other place the taxi driver took us too (complaining about Malaysian people, calling them all dodgy baaastards and trying to tell us his wife died the other day in a vain attempt to get more cash out of us) was china town, where they’re not afraid to chose swear words to name their shops:

When we finally got to KK, the first thing we did was take off to one of the islands:

Crazy and I where in a very touristy mood and within 5 mins of steeping onto the island we where captivated by “scuba-doos” and just had to give them a go:

Was a nice novelty:

but no substitute for the real thing.

More boozing during the night with Pip and we where off to a crocodile farm…

To watch them get fed:

Then a visit to see some Orangutans, which was pretty amazing:

Orangutan means “man of the forest” and after watching them for a while, you can really see why, they’re just like hairy people (probably less hairy than some “humans” I’ve seen)


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